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Virtual Combos & Choreo January 2023

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Join me for a month of dance combos!
Starting January 8th!
Registration required by 1/7

January 2023 is the launch of this new project!

This will be a 21-day virtual series that is distributed throughout the month in daily 5-minute bite-sized combo practice videos! The videos will be released to a private WhatsApp Group made just for us! Each day you will receive your video and can practice it whenever it suits YOU. The group chat is available for community support and connection.

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Join me for a month of dance combos!

There is nothing quite like the satisfaction of learning and dancing a choreographic dance- a full song, a few phrases or a bite-sized combination of moves all strung together!

Combos, or small phrases of practiced moves that are put together in a series, can help create new neuro-pathways for our bodies and brains to travel and create some fun muscle-memory! Combos are an excellent way to practice moving our bodies and transitioning between moves. Transitions in dance, between moves, as in life, can be the most challenging and also the most gratifying exercises we can traverse. Let’s practice this process and experience the satisfaction that comes with the daily practice of transitions, we never can tell how far-reaching the benefits can be.

January 2023 is the launch of this vision and I would love to have you join me for my new practice experiment!

Expect 21 days of practice videos followed by the opportunity to come together for a live-Zoom dance and social at the end of the month ((And maybe even a possible mini choreography that puts all those practices together!))

I would LOVE to have you join me!