Elizabeth Ashner’s Dance & Yoga Classes

Embrace April 2021 with a fun, self-loving new habit! The April 20-day shimmy challenge starts on Sunday 4/4/21! (The new habit you will look forward to doing every day!!)

You know you want to!


Please join me!

Yoga with Elizabeth through Center Strength Studios

Virtual Classes!


Need a time out? Looking for some peace from anxiety and busy-brain? Join Elizabeth’s yoga classes.

I love being a part of the Center Strength community. Check out their pilates classes (in person and virtual!), reformer, barre, cycling and more. They have awesome instructors (I feel so lucky to be a part of this group of authentic, kind individuals!), great memberships and they are offering both in person and virtual classes.  You can also just drop in for my virtual Gentle Restorative Yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I would love to guide you to a more easeful state of mind and body.