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June 2024 5-Minute Shimmy S.O.S.


I’m sending out an S.O.S!
Let’s Shimmy Off the Stress!

Join me to shimmy for 5 minutes every day for the next 20 days- we start on SATURDAY 6/8/2024!

From your own location, at any time of day, shimmy for fun, with this quick and uplifting habit with a super community!

 I will send you a video every day for 20 days- each video will be ONLY 5 MINUTES! You will watch, practice along and respond in our private group.

5 minutes is enough to break up your day, move your body, reset your mind, make your day brighter and the world a better place for everyone! Join me in making the world better by doing something good for yourself!

Throughout the 20 days, expect a mix of instruction, inspiration, encouragement and lots of reasons to do a happy dance! Let’s shimmy and shake off the stress to make each day a little better and a little brighter. It’s a PERFECT way to put your good energy into the world one hip at a time!

  • 1 Month S.O.S: $20 (plus tax)
  • 3-Month Option ($50 plus tax): Commit to the next 3 months: June, July, August. Ready to commit?
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There is nothing quite like a good shimmy session to shake things up and reset your perspective. This 5-minute shimmy is a way to treat yourself to a daily practice of tuning into what is happening inside your very capable, very strong, very bold and very amazing body!

The S.O.S. details:

What: Commit to a 5 minute shimmy practice every day for 20 days!

Where: Our videos will be posted within our private monthly WhatsApp group, you will receive access to this group each month after your registration.

When: For 20 days, every month in 2024. Most days you will receive the video inside the group the night before so that it is ready for you anytime you choose to shimmy during the next day, from early morning to late at night! You choose the time that works the best for YOU!

How much does it cost: $20/month ($1/day plus taxes, or less if you purchase the special commitment packages)

What if I miss a day?  No problem, no stress, no worries! You will still have access to each day, so you can either catch up when you can, or just skip a day and keep going.

Posting in the WhatsApp Group: While posting in the group is optional, I do highly recommend posting something (anything, even just an emoji) when you complete the shimmy for the day. You can use it to ask questions, to check in, or to post and share your experience and connect with our little shimmy community. There is something pretty cool about knowing that you are shimmying with other people across the miles.

First time shimmying? Everyone is welcome! There are a LOT of different types of shimmy techniques, and you can expect to learn and practice a variety of them throughout the month. If you have never shimmied before, you can expect to be challenged along the way! Keep in mind that this is just a practice session, and dancers never stop practicing, learning and fine tuning their technique, so wherever you are on your shimmy journey is perfect! Embrace the journey and expect that some shimmies will be easier for you than others!

Class Requirements
NO REQUIREMENTS! Just YOU! Okay, there are a couple of requirements:

1- Commit to the practice!

2- Join the private WhatsApp group (I will send you a link, and you can download the app to your phone) This group will be created ONLY for those who are joining in each month. The video will only be available within the app.

3- After you complete your 5 minutes, you are encouraged to post a note in the app for the rest of the group!

That’s it! Beyond that, just plan to show up and shimmy for 5 minutes anytime during the day or night that works for you!


June SOS2024

June 2024 SOS $20, 3-month Commit June, July, August 2024 $50