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June 2023 5-Minute Shimmy S.O.S.


Sign up to start a new fun stress-relieving habit! Join me for this 5-minute shimmy challenge to shimmy for 5 minutes every day for the next 20 days- we start on SATURDAY 6/3/23!

PERFECT way to show your love for yourself and others – putting your good energy into the world!

There is an option to add on 2 extra shimmy instructional short (5 minutes each) videos each week if it is new to you or you would like some added lessons for only $8 extra!
3-Month Option:
Choose the option to commit to 3 months: June, July, August. This is a great way to commit to creating a daily habit! Each month will be a 20-day challenge. This is available with or without the 2 extra shimmy instructional short videos each week. Ready to commit?

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5 Minutes Per Day Can Improve Your Life!

This is an S.O.S! Shimmy Off the Stress! Yes- it really works!

There is nothing quite like a good shimmy session to shake up any stagnant energy, reset your perspective and start to move things in the right direction. Do you want to commit to a small change in your life? Commit to this little 5-minute shimmy 20-day mini challenge with me! I will send you a video every day for 20 days- each video will be ONLY 5 MINUTES! You will watch, practice along and respond in our private group. There will be a private zoom party at the end for our shimmy community!

5 minutes is enough to break up your day, take some much needed breaths, and actually move your body, make your day brighter, your brain more active, and the world a better place for everyone! Join me in making the world better by doing something good for yourself! 5 minutes= no excuses!

Expect just one song on most days, and I will keep it to 5 minutes! Turn on the video and be ready to dance, no preamble- this is for you no matter how busy or preoccupied you might be, no need to change your clothes and you could even do it during a quick break at work with your phone and headphones!

Class Requirements
NO REQUIREMENTS! Just YOU! Okay, there are a couple of requirements:

1- You must commit to the practice!

2- You must be a part of the private WhatsApp group (I will send you a link, and you can download the app to your phone) This group will be created ONLY for those who are taking on this challenge, and will be deleted after the challenge is completed. The video will be delivered to the APP, and that will be the only place it will be available.

3- After you complete your 5 minutes, you are encouraged to post a note in the app for the rest of the group!

That’s it! Beyond that, just plan to show up and shimmy for 5 minutes anytime during the day or night that works for you!


$1 per day! $20 for 20 days
Starts on Saturday 6/3/23
Let’s shimmy for the LOVE of it!!
There is an option to add on some extra shimmy instructional short (5 minutes each) videos if it is new to you or you just would like extra lessons for review for only $8 extra!
June2023 Shimmy Options

June2023-5-minute S.O.S $20, S.O.S. JunePLUS 6 5-minute shimmy video lessons $28, 3 Month Commitment June, July, Aug $50, 3 Month Commitment plus 18 5-min shimmy video lessons $70