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Video Coaching

Elizabeth’s Coaching Sessions to put your practice on the fast track!

Purchase 1 coaching review submission or up to a package of 4 to be used weekly in one month. Optionally, purchase a package of 4 submissions PLUS 1 Live Zoom 1-on-1 45 minute coaching session

Coaching sessions include:

  •      Set a goal with your teacher
  •      Commit to upload a video on a certain date
  •      Communication throughout the week about classes and practices
  •      Upload a practice video to be reviewed. You will receive written feedback regarding your video, which will take into consideration your stated goals, improvements and next steps.


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Elizabeth’s Video Coaching

Elizabeth is offering an opportunity for coaching! Set your main goal, send in a video of your practice for review and receive feedback, encouragement and accountability.

Goals- Submit your main goal so that you and your coach are on the same page with what you are trying to accomplish right now. Setting a goal is the first step towards making leaps and bounds toward a new goal, and sharing that goal with someone who can help is a way to turbo charge it!

Accountability- submitting videos to your instructor creates an accountability structure that will provide the extra push that helps to make sure you are getting the most out of your rehearsal times, and actually putting in the time. We all need this!

Encouragement- Students who are interested in improving benefit from the encouragement, guidance and support of a personal coach who has their best interest at heart!

Video Review- Having your instructor review your practice video really helps to give you a professional perspective on your progress, with suggestions about what to focus on to make headway in your personal dance practice. This is so valuable!

Option to add on a single 45 minute Zoom One-on-One session!

Students may purchase one video submission for review, or up to 4- one per week.  Coaching purchases must be scheduled and used within 1 month of purchase.


Coaching Options

Single Coaching submission, Package of 4 coaching Submissions, 4 Coaching submissions PLUS 1 Zoom 1-on-1 session