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Illumination Masquerade Ball
November 11, 2017
Get ready for an adventure!

Illumination Masquerade Ball

14356013_10154533369778390_1168980963_nWhere: 1224 Washington Ave, Golden CO
When:    Saturday, November 11th, doors open at 6pm
Fee:         $25-45 in advance. $30-$50 at the door if tickets are still available.

Imagine a world of twinkling, golden light. A world that entices and calls you to join the mesmerizing whirl of art and beauty. Come, escape from the mundane chores of the season, and remember what magic can happen when you follow the light, the music, the dance, the art of the universe. Come and be teased into another realm—a world where art is life and life becomes art. Where anything can be imagined…

Become your own masterpiece- don yourself in all that glitters, or explore a new persona, and join the mysterious whirlwind of the ball. Be adventurous! The Illumination Masquerade Ball will take you on a journey and provide entertainment as the senses are heightened and the season is celebrated. It promises to be an evening that is…Illuminating!

Amazing highlight performances throughout the evening. We encourage all guests to don masks, masquerade ball attire and comfortable shoes for walking and dancing.  This is an interactive event.