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Tell me a story: Expressions in dance gesture! 
In this workshop, we work towards integrating dance performance and theater effectively. We will analyze what creates mood and feel in a dance, and how to elicit visceral experience in the audience. How does one speak to the universal truths while telling their own story? This workshop will seek to answer this burning question and bring us closer to creating meaningful performance art.
$60 until 11/5/21, $65 on the day of workshop (if any spaces remain)
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Dance Workshop Details

Who: Zoe Jakes
What: A dance workshop
Workshop: Tell me a story: Expressions in dance gesture!
Date: Saturday November 6, 2021
Time: 2:30-5:30pm
Location: Marion Mobley Dance Studio, 6708 West 44th St, Wheatridge, CO

A little bit about Zoe Jakes… (But this just scratches the surface. Zoe has been a much-loved inspiration in our Elevation Belly Dance Community for many years…)

Zoe Jakes has been bellydancing for 20 years, and brings a playfulness and ease into the classroom that makes training fun! She desires to create an inclusive environment so all humans can enjoy the art of bellydance, and hopes that everyone can experience the grace and fluidity that comes with training in this form. Zoe’s signature style of dance incorporates pop and lock isolations, elements of classical indian dance, jazz foot work and modern lines, with lots of folk bellydance inspiration. Zoe Jakes is a founding member of Beats Antique, and composes music for them as well as dances. She is known around the world for her unique stylistic take on belly dance, and is also an accomplished teacher, sharing her knowledge with the next generation.

Studio details and Necessary Health Requirements:
(For Full Terms, Conditions, COVID Details & Refund info, Liability Waiver Here)

  • FYI- Zoe will be receiving rapid Covid test prior to workshop
  • Purchase will be refunded if Zoe’s Covid test is positive
  • COVID Vaccinations required
  • Masks optional but encouraged
  • Do not attend if you or someone near you is sick in any way
  • 90% will be refunded if you or someone near you is sick in any way and cancel on or before 11/5
  • No refunds for cancellations on day of event
  • No lotion/oil on bare feet in studio
  • No glitter or beaded scarves in studio
  • No political rhetoric
  • Happy dancing encouraged and much needed!