Full Moon Flow Yoga & Belly Dance January 10th, 2020

Welcome in the new year of a new decade with energetic harmony! Belly Dance, yoga, meditation infused with the power of the full moon.

Full Moon Flow Yoga + Belly Dance

Friday January 10th 7:00-9:15pm

hOMe Collective: 6101 W 38th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

To truly set new intentions you must allow yourself to let go of that which no longer serves you. In the Lunar Cycle the full moon is when the sun’s radiance is at its strongest. It is when we are most in tune with our intuition and when we can release, cleanse and begin anew. During this time the moon (feminine), the earth and the sun (masculine) come into full alignment, and in turn allows us to find balance.

We, as humans, are drawn to the moon’s powerful energy just as the rising and falling of the tides. As such, the full moon is when you are at your highest energy and most open to receiving insight.
Join us as we welcome in the new year of a new decade, with this candlelit, intention setting, and energy balancing workshop. First, we will draw from the energy of the full moon, ignite your inner fire and amplify your fierce feminine divinity with belly dance led by Elizabeth. Come ready to shake things up and release blocks as you draw power into your belly.

Following this invigorating release of energy, Tara will lead you through a mindful meditation where you are invited to turn your intentions inward and tap into your authentic self. Clear unwanted energy and make room for your new intentions as she leads you through Chandra Namaskar, a cooling and unique yoga flow worthy of a full moon celebration.

Come + Celebrate! Welcome your new year with energetic harmony! All genders are welcome and encouraged to join!

Bring your malas to cleanse and recharge in the moonlight while we practice. As our practice concludes you are encouraged to set your new intentions into your mala. If you don’t have one, lovingly hand-crafted malas will be available for purchase, should one call to you.

*Dress comfortably, prepare for yoga and dance movements
*Bring journal + mala. Paper and pen will be supplied.
*Expect: Dance, meditation, yoga, intention setting, and personal introspection/journaling

Your Co-Hosts are Tara Clack and Elizabeth Ashner

Tara is the owner and lead instructor with Mountain Lily Studios www.mountainlilystudios.com 716.603.1101

Elizabeth is the owner of Elevation Belly Dance www.ElevationBellyDance.com 303.748.7689

$45 Register by clicking the link: