2020 General Class Info & Locations

Four Glorious Days of Workshops…

Climb into four days of classes in the foothills of Rocky Mountains in Golden, Colorado. Enjoy the crisp Colorado air, the friendly town, and the great community. A few minutes drive or an invigorating half mile walk down Clear Creek gets you from class to show to hotel. It is so Elevating!

The American Mountaineering Center (AMC)

amcFront_full710 10th Street, Golden, CO

The American Mountaineering Center is the home base for our MAIN VENUE this year. Here you will find the Registration Desk, Classes, and Vending. Class Code: AMC

The Golden Community Center (GCC)


1470 10th Street, Golden, CO

The Golden Community Center is a wonderful local facility where you will find some of our other larger classes. Class Code: GCC

Map of the Venues & Hotel Options

Check-In Procedures

Please plan to arrive about 20 minutes prior to your first class start time whether you have preregistered or plan to register at the door. There are many dancers to check in.
BRING YOUR REGISTRATION RECEIPT/TICKET that was emailed to you when you registered online. You can bring this on your phone, you do NOT need to print it out for the classes.

Venues & Hotel

There are lots of classes to choose from! Some dance classes will be at the AMC, and some will be at the GCC. Vending and ALL registration/check in activities will take place at the AMC. The venues and show all take place within an .8 mile area, with a 4 minute drive or 15 minute walk between them. Choose your classes carefully, to be sure you are not overlapping class times.


There are no refunds for classes or show tickets; please don’t ask. If you cannot attend a class or use a ticket that you have purchased, please visit our Facebook page and try to sell your class(es) there. If you find a replacement, you should then forward your payment receipt and replacement name and email to: ElevationBellyDance@gmail.com. To visit our Facebook page, click here: Elevation Belly Dance

What to Bring

Bring your water bottle, notebook & pen, yoga mat. Wear comfortable clothes. The classrooms are bright, clean spaces. Please do not bring extra items into the classrooms.

Observing Workshops

We do not allow unpaid observing or offer any discounts for “observing” a class. Students who pay for a class may choose to participate at whatever level they wish.

Children in Classes

We ask that you do not bring your children to class with you. Only paid students are allowed to be in the class.


Please be aware that videotaping of shows and classes is not allowed. Due to the space restrictions and logistics, we recommend that you videotape YOURSELF AFTER taking the class.