2020 Marketplace

We Can’t Wait to Share!

The Elevation 2020 Marketplace will be chock full of goodies this year! Be sure to bring some extra dollars to treat yourself to some sparkly new treasures.

Interested in being one of our 2020 Vendors? Click the button to fill out the application! We have very limited space, and would love to see what you have to offer that is unique!


Who should apply?

We have a small, intimate vending room where we love to let each vendor be the primary supplier of their specialty items. Because of this, we favor smaller vendors who sell hand made, unique, or one of a kind items. Vendors who have a reputation for playing well with others, adding something different to the mix, and supporting the community are the best fit for our Elevation tribe!

Vending Schedule

Dates: Thursday June 11-Sunday June 14, 2020. Vendors are required to participate in all 4 days
The approximate and TENTATIVE! schedule is as follows:

Set up: Thursday 6/11/20 6:45-10am; first class begins at 9am.

Classes are mostly from 8am-5:30pm, depending upon the day.

Shows: Thursday, Friday & Saturday Doors at 7:30, show at 8pm LOCATION TBD. (IF shows are at AMC, Vendors will be expected to be open prior to the doors opening, and at the intermission as well)

Sunday: last class ends at 5:45pm and everyone needs to be out of the venue by 6pm.

Exact vending times will be provided and may have some changes.

Vending Fees

Vending fees are $185 per space. Vending fee due dates will be given when you receive an acceptance notice. Please pay close attention to this information, spaces will not be held past those due dates. Payment will be made via PayPal to elevationbellydance@gmail.com.

The Vending area

The vending area is a small, clean, well-lit room that is attached to the main classroom in the American Mountaineering Center. Students taking classes at AMC will pass through the vending area to enter and exit class. There are also some vending spaces available in the hallway adjacent to the classroom and in the lobby. We accommodate under 25 vendors in our event.

After Hours info

The American Mountaineering rooms will be locked when we leave each night. We will NOT have access to the vending room after the center is closed, so do not forget any personal items. Please cover your tables when you are not open. Neither Elevation nor the American Mountaineering Center are responsible for items that are lost or stolen, do not leave your personal items or valuables unattended. We have not had any problems in the past, but the Center is open to the public, so it is not just our dance community.

Please note that vending spaces in the hallway or in the lobby may need to be moved into the main vending room before we leave for the night, depending upon what else is going on in the building. We take this into consideration when we select the vendors for those spaces.

Serious Shopper's Showcase

Watch for details about when Serious Shopper’s Showcase will take place! We create a special time slot when we encourage the participants to SHOP! ┬áThis is a time when dancers can really focus on shopping and getting all those goodies that they have been saving up for!

Vendor’s have the option of contributing to the door prizes that are given away during the Serious Shopper’s Showcase by donating an item between $10-25.

The Shows

The location of the shows is yet to be finalized, and may or may not take place at the AMC building. IF the show or shows take place at AMC, the vendors will be expected to be open before the show as well as during intermission.

Please stay tuned for information regarding the shows and Hafla- there will be festivities Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Show Tickets & Performing

Elevation is unable to offer any free tickets to vendors to attend the shows. We understand that it can be challenging to purchase show tickets to see the performances and vend at the same time. For vendors who really want to watch the whole show, we recommend that you find a (non-dancer) friend to help out so you can purchase a ticket and actually enjoy the whole show!

This year you will receive a discount code to use to receive a small discount on 1 show ticket per vendor.Are you a performer? Typically our performers are required to take a minimum of 4 classes so that all performers are representing the event. Full time vendors who apply to perform will have a smaller class requirement, please inquire on the performer application if this applies to you.


Location for the vending area:

American Mountaineering Center
710 10th Street
Golden, CO 80401

There is a parking lot behind the building, and the vending area is inside the entrance by the parking lot. This is the lower level of the building.

Have questions? Email us at ElevationVending@gmail.com