2018 Performance Opportunities

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Performance Application is now available!

Elevation 2018 Thursday Theater Show
Thursday May 3, 2018
American Mountaineering Center
710 10th St. Golden, CO
Doors open at 7:30, Show starts at 8:00pm

We would LOVE to have you grace the stage during Elevation 2018!

The participant performances are definitely a highlight for all of us! Please take a few minutes to read through these details so that you know what to expect with the application process. See you onstage!

Can ANYONE apply to perform?

Anyone who is attending 4 or more classes during Elevation 2018 can apply to perform in the Thursday Show.

Who is accepted?

We want everyone to have a chance to perform! Groups are selected over soloists, but we need both and we are looking for the best variety within the show. We like to honor our traveling performers as well as our locals.  We do our best to accommodate as many performers as we reasonably can while providing a diverse and enjoyable show.

When will I know if I am accepted?

We expect to confirm performers within 2 weeks of your received application. We will end the application acceptance when the show is full.



Do I need to be a professional?

No! All levels of dancers are welcome to apply to perform! The Thursday Theater Show is for the participants- whatever level you are. This show has become an event that our participants look forward to and many work all year to be able to present their best work. We encourage all who intend to perform to bring us their best!

What are the deadlines for music?

Once you have been accepted as a performer, we will send you a list of things that we need from you. Some of these things will include music, lighting requests, introduction blurb, backdrop requests. We will let you know exactly what you need to submit in your acceptance email. You can plan to have all this info submitted to us by 3/15/18, but we will provide exact deadlines once you have been confirmed.

Can I perform to live music?

Yes, there are some options available for live music. Please request information in the application.


Can I get a photo or video?

We will have a professional photographer and a videographer recording the shows. You will be able to purchase your performance photos and videos from them. The photographer is also available for pre-performance mini shoots.


Performance time limits?

Solo: 4 minutes
Group of 2-5 dancers: 5 minutes
Group of 6 or more: 8 minutes

Remember- Always leave them wanting MORE! A group does NOT NEED to use their entire available time slot 🙂


Why isn't the show at the Buffalo Rose?

The Buffalo Rose will be under construction. They have finally begun the process after many delays.


Do I need a show ticket?

Confirmed performers will receive free entrance to the show they are performing in, however seats are not guaranteed if the show is sold out. Do NOT purchase your show tickets prior to receiving your performance acceptance or denial. Performer show tickets will not be refunded.  The details of this will be explained in your performer confirmation email.



Why isn't the show on Friday?

In 2018 we will only have 2 shows so that on Friday we can focus on our community! Watch for a community building night without any formal performances so that we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. More info will be available soon about the Friday evening activities!

BEFORE you apply, be sure you have the following information:

1. First and Last Names of each performer (PLEASE- use the name they used when they registered for classes!!)

2. Make sure that the performers listed have already purchased their 4 classes, or your performance application will be delayed until they have done so.

3. Decide if you want to perform with your group OR as a soloist. We prefer to have each person appear in the show only one time.

4. Know what type of performance you will be presenting. You just need to know the style, mood, props and who will be performing with your group.

Get your performance application submitted today!